Life is a Choice for Writing IELTS :)

Tidak terasa waktu cepat sekali berlalu. Dan sekarang sudah berada di penghujung tahun 2012. Time flies as a flash. Enam bulan tidak ngantor dan kerja juga tidak terasa. It is the precise time to make resolution for 2013.

Actually, I have many plans for next year but maybe I will write it down in this blog toward first January in 2013. I am bored to write Ielts task 1 hehe. I think everyone has the same feeling for me. However, I dont have a choice to keep in this tract and try to focus for reaching my dreams. Although, all the activities are monotone.

I always imagine someday I will work at professional area such as assistant of the minister even maybe become a minister haha. At least become a minister’s wife hihi. Maybe the last is the easiest one. Every woman has the highest aspiration for taking care their children. I believe that time will show the way, wether pursue their career or choose to be a housewife. Life is a choice as well as to describe graph below hehe. Kenapa jadi nggak nyambung ini tulisan hehe. Let’s practice.


The graph depicts the number of students who will learn three major languages in the world from 2020 to 2030. There are three famous languages in the world which consist of English, Spanish, and Mandarin.  The number measures by million.

To begin with, it can be seen that, English major is the most popular language for student. In 2020, student who will learn English is approximately 550 million. The trend will increase at 600 million in 2022 to 700 million in 2024. However, the number will be drop by 100 million. Then, people will be interested to study English from 2026 to 2030 because the trend will rise gradually from around 650 million to reach over 700 million.

Furthermore, the second popular language in 2020 is Spanish. It will start at 200 million student who will learn Spanish. There is a slight increase in 2022 at 300 million. The number will rise gradually over the period. In 2030, 500 million students will interact by studying Spanish. Next, the most interesting point from this graph is the highest number of student who learn Mandarin. In 2020, few students at approximately 100 million study Mandarin. The trend will rise significantly from 200 million in 2022 to over 500 million in 2030. The trend of student who learn Mandarin increase dramatically over ten years period.

In brief, English is the most popular language in the future by increasing number positively. Meanwhile, Spanyol and Mandarin also have positive trend, particularly the number of students for learning Mandarin will increase dramatically.