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The three pie charts depict the improvement of expenditure in some schools in the United Kingdom in three periods. There are five criteria which consist of teacher’s salaries, furniture&equipment, resources, other workers salaries and insurance.

To begin with, it can be seen that in the first chart, the biggest spending was teachers’ salaries at 40 % in 1981. Than there was a slight increase in 1991 at 50 %. In 1981, the second biggest expenditure was other’s worker salaries at 28 %. Meanwhile, resources and equipment had the same percentage at 15 %. Then the least percentage was insurance just at 2%.

In 1991, teachers salaries still is the largest expenditure in 1991. In addition, there was a slight decrease of other workers salaries from 28 % in 1981 to 22 % in 22 in 1981. The interesting changes was furniture and equipment because school spend 5 % in 1991 while ten years ago at 15 %.

The third chart in 2001, the most priority of spending money in the school was to pay teacher at 45 %. However, there was a significant rise for buying furniture at 23 % than ten years ago. Total spending in 2001 for paying workers salaries was only 15 %, then resources books and insurance was the least priority of annual spending just around 8 until 9 %.

In brief, the largest cost of annual spending in the school was teachers salaries. While, furniture and equipment had fluctuation trend over the periods. Then the insurance was the least expenditure by school in the United Kingdom.



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