Backpacker is people who travel to a new place with low cost and use backpack to bring their equipment. Backpacking is usually done in groups of two or larger, although some backpackers will undertake solo expedition. Backpacker is an independent traveller because they usually go to new places by preparing itinerary, arranging carefully budget, surfing information about the destinations.

The characteristics of backpacker are easy to adapt in new places, ready to face difficult situation, and ready to avoid comfort zone. For minimizing budget, backpacker prefers to stay in home residents or cheap accommodation, and then use many kinds of mode transportation such as plane, ship, train, or bus.  Backpacker usually buys ticket promo in advance.

However, the most interesting of backpacking does not only depend on minimal budget, but how traveller can get many experiences from their journey. The purpose of backpacking is to learn a new culture, to interact to the local community, and to survive in a new place. As a result, backpacker usually gets many values and experiences from their journey tend to make them more independence and confidence.

Now, backpacking is a trend in our society especially to the young generation, because there are many backpacker communities on the internet. Therefore, backpacker is easy to get and share information from other backpackers. They also take an interesting picture and write their experience in order to share on the internet. In addition, travelling activities make addiction to the backpacker; they usually want to travel around the world.

The real backpacker will look for new places which are rarely visited by many people. Backpacker always searches new destinations because every destination has different culture and scenery. Overall, backpacking is the interesting activities because it is challenge people to out from comfort zone. Therefore, people who do travelling by enhancing their experience in a new place also called the backpacker.  

Definition Paragraph