My destiny


Haiii… I miss my blog hehe.
It is approximately one month, I haven’t written in this blog yet. Honestly, I am little bit nervous hehe. I dont know how to pour my idea now. I just want to share my story recently.

I got an offer from Flinders University two days ago. I always wait the offer because it is really important in my life. I evolve my story deeply in order to release my feel. I have decided to turn my study preference from global media communication in Melbourne to public policy in Flinders Uni. Both of them are absolutely different subject and univ. As we know that Melbourne Uni is the first Uni in oz. Meanwhile, Flinders is not as top as melb uni. I also take public policy and I dont know exactly about that knowledge. According to My Ielts..finally  I have to make decision.

Now, I am busy to prepare some documents as a requirement to study in oz. Whereas, I am civil servant so I need document from my institution.

Time flies..InsyaAllah, I will arrive at adelaide two months later. However, I feel lazy to do anything hehe. I am lazy to write or read English or just watch movies. Maybe..I am just saturated. Bahasa indonesia nya mah sudah mulai jenuh.

Public policy is new knowledge for me although I am working at government office. Actually, I never work related with public policy. My main job is absolutely different with public policy. I often make good relationships with media or analyze news. I should study communication but my ielts is not enough haha. It is destiny.

This is the best way from God because I never like communication major. Finally, God gives me guidance to study public policy. I hope everything will be smooth.