Coelho’s Books


Just feel nervous. I am little bit nervous. Honestly,  I rare write in english lastly. I feel stress from january until april or maybe until now because of study. Recently, I met some of my friends. One of my friends told about her preparation to married, another friend told me that looks soulmate is really difficult.  Then,  my best friend who got married still try to get a baby. And how about me? 

I remember coelho’s sentence at his book, a title is Brida. He wrote about woman who looking for her soul mate. We know that coelho always gives mistery in the story. He guides the reader to think deeply about the journey. Most of the books tell about peoples’ journey for searching happiness, soulmate, and victory. He teachs us to keep strong, continue our life eventhough there are many obstacles and challenges. Sometimes,  I don’t understand his books but I keep reading hehe. The philosophy is same as with our life. We must continue our life although sometimes we don’t know about the situation. In addition, choosing one way, it means you will lose other ways.

Lastly, reading a book is not my hobby again. When I was at university, I always read novel before sleeping, but now I prefer to play gadget rather than read some books. Owh,  it is awful…I will promise to read one book every week when I study in oz..the genre is novel hehe..not study material because study material is compulsory haha.

I have read colhoe’S books which consist of Sang Alkemis, The Witch of Portobello, The Pilgrimage and Brida. All of the books are story about life and journey with an interesting plot. We need to interprete every paragraph deeply,  so it takes time for me to finish that books.

Just recommendation for all of you. It depends on your choice 🙂