Me and Adelaide

Torrens River-Adelaide

Torrens River-Adelaide


I live in share house in Adelaide, Australia. Some of my friends are from Asia countries. They are from China, Korea, Vietnam, Philippine and Japan. Most of them are students in Flinders University. Sometimes, it is not easy to make a friend with a different background in spite of we are from the same continent. There are some benefits when we stay together with people from other countries. We can share our culture, foods, habit, and language. The most important thing is we always try to understand each other. But, sometimes, we also have a little bit conflict. Undeniably, conflict makes people to be more mature.

As a student, we are really busy because we are taking Master Degree in here. We are busy for making many assignments every semester. Studying is our focus, so we just spend much time for studying rather than gathering or traveling. Then, it takes time to write a good assignments. We have to do research and read the journal or books. I also face difficulty to understand the journal because English is not an easy language. I struggle with the difficulty to understand the sentence, vocabulary and grammar. Then, the most difficulty is to write the paper. It takes much time because English is not my language. I did many mistakes for the first paper because of the grammar. The lecture did not understand what I have written in my paper. Ohh..that’s too bad :(. However, finally, I have finished my first and second semester successfully. I get a good mark because of my effort. I believe that every effort must obtain a good result.

One year left, I will study and stay in Adelaide until next year. I can imagine that I will be sad to leave this city. In my opinion, Adelaide is  lovable city rather than Melbourne and Sydney. This city offers serenity, peacefulness, and hospitality. For example, if I take a bus, the drivers always give greeting to the passenger. I remember that when the winter season in Adelaide, I come out from the bus, suddenly the driver said “Keep Warm”. It makes me feel appreciated. Adelaide citizen are really friendly and helpful. They respect other people from other countries. Every day and every time, I just wanna stay for a long time in this city, but I know that I have to back to my country after finishing my study.

Studying and living in Adelaide are the biggest valuable experience in my life. I have friends, get knowledge, learn to be independent, do a casual job, and open my mind about the differentiation. Thanks to Allah for the graces that has given to me.  Absolutely, I cannot study in here without His Grace. Moreover, I cannot study in here without scholarship. So, I thank you to Australian Government. I promise, I will do the best for my study. Then, I will serve my country as long as I can.


Bedford Park, Adelaide.