Rasanya rasa bosan sudah mulai menghampiri. After finishing study english course for sixth months, I am bored now hehe. Actually, this feeling appear because there is a significant activities between study and work. Study is a process to be knowledgeable person, while work boost our experience. Truthly, I face a same activities in my office, same people and same experience hehe.

What can I do now? It is so difficult to back study after work. There are many reasons hehe..sometime I am tired, lazy and just want to sleep and do leisure activities. Frankly, I am loose my passion to read again..terrible habit. I always remembered when I was in the school, every day I read many books and many kinds of genre, such as adventure, comedy, mistery and motivational books. Huaaa…where is my motivation right now? 

Oke..maybe I should force my self to be dilligent tomorrow, because I will face many problems in the future If I am still lazy hehe.

Keep fighting